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How to Retrieve Deleted Kik Messages from iPhone Effortlessly

For those who own a Kik account, you surely experienced receiving and sending crazy messages. This is one of the irresistible charms of the app as it gives you the complete freedom to express and share your feelings, thoughts, and pictures as much as you want. You can instantly send any message that pops in your head and basks in the thrill. However, not long after that, you will feel a little weird and you want to delete that crazy message. Even though it is completely your will to delete them, there are times when you regret what you did. For some reason, you want to experience the excitement of your crazy messages all over again and enjoy that wonderful sensation. Before you know it, you want to learn how to retrieve deleted Kik messages.

This is definitely a very unusual thing. Human nature dictates to destroy or spoil only to cry later on while trying to get back what was already damaged. In this case, Kik messages are the main concern. Well, there is no need to worry because you can now easily retrieve those deleted Kik messages with great ease and convenience. Also, you can learn how to hack Kik Account to monitor your kid’s Kik messages on time and the various Kik Groups as well

Retrieve Your Deleted Messages With the Help of a Reliable Software

There is really no need for you to tire yourself out in the hopes of recovering your deleted Kik messages. All you have to do is to search for an app or software that can work with your gadget. This software will make it possible for you to retrieve deleted Kik messages. With no need go through too much trouble or lose any part of your messages, there is now a chance for you to recover any big or little messages you have.

Importance of Recovering Kik Messages

There are many reasons why people want to retrieve deleted Kik messages. It could be because you want to be in touch again with an old friend. It can also be because some of the photos that you deleted are very special and rare for you.

Part 1: Recover Your Kik Messages from Your iPhone with Dr. Fone

Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery is one unique software that is compatible with the latest iPhone models. This has already helped thousands of people in recovering Kik messages and this also helps you smart and fast. You can try three methods for this. All kinds of data can be recovered, from Kik messages, to Kik photos, contacts, call logs, messages and others.

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1.1 How to Recover Deleted Kik Messages from iOS Device with Dr. Fone

There are very easy steps for recovering deleted Kik messages that were lost on an iOS device.

1. – Install Dr. Fone for iOS software in the computer and connect your device to it. You don’t have to launch iTunes as you run Dr. Fone. The ideal way for averting automatic syncing is by disabling it. Go to iTunes, then Preferences, Devices then check on the option “Prevent iPhones, iPods and iPads from Syncing Inevitably.” Click “Recover from iOS Device” under “Recover” module.

2. – Click on Start Scan button to allow this tool to scan the iPhone. After several minutes, data are going to be displayed on your screen during the process of scanning. Always observe and once you searched for your required data, consider halting the scan. Check the data and choose your most desired data options.

Scan Deleted Kik Message from iPhone
3. – After the scan has been completed, the tool will display each existing and deleted Kik messages from your device. To look for a particular message, you may write the keyword for it in the box that’s located on the window’s top right corner. After that, you can quickly choose certain Kik messages and choose the option Recover to Computer for your to retrieve deleted Kik messages.

Retrieve Deleted Kik Messages from iPhone Directly

1.2 Steps to Retrieve Your Kik Messages from iTunes Backup Using Dr. Fone

1. Choose Recovery Mode

The first step that you should do is to launch your software. Then, choose the option Recover from iTunes Backup File. Recovery tool for iTune backup will detect every file and will be displayed on the screen. You can confirm your preferred files through marking them.

2. Scan data from the Backup File in iTunes

Select the data displayed through backed up files in iTunes. The choices you prefer when recovering the data, start by choosing Start Scan option. In just several minutes, data will start to extra backup file in iTunes.

Scan Kik Messages from iTunes Backup

3. Preview and Recover Data from the iTunes Backup

All Kik messages you like will be displayed in a categorized manner. Preview the data to ensure what you like to recover. Hit the Recover button for you to restore required data. Otherwise, there will be no data restored instantly since your device is connected to your PC via USB. You also have the choice to type the file’s name to look for it from result window’s box. With this, your search is much easier.

Retrieve Deleted Kik Messages from iPhone iTunes Backup

1.3 Steps to Retrieve Deleted Messages in Kik from the iCloud Backup through Dr. Fone – iOS Data Recovery

1. The first thing that you should do is to sign in to your iCloud.

2. Download the iCloud backup file. Once you logged in your iCloud account, the software will find the backup of the files from iCloud to your phone. Pick the files you like to recover, then hit Download option.

3. Recover and scan data from the iCloud backup file. Choose the Kik messages you would want to recover. After that, scan your content coming from iCloud and wait for several minutes. All your preferred data from the iCloud backup files are available for viewing notes, photos, messages, and much more. Check them and restore the Kik messages you require. Then, choose to recover the data to your PC.

Scan Kik Messages from iCloud

Retrieve Deleted Kik Messages from iPhone iCloud Backup

Part 2: Ways to Backup Your Kik Messages to Avoid Losing Kik Messages Again

Once you retrieve deleted Kik messages, so that you will not lose Kik messages again, you have to use the Dr.Fone – Restore Social App for backing up data. It’s a great choice for those who don’t want to get frustrated with losing Kik messages.

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