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SIM Network Unlock PIN | How to Unlock Samsung Easily

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The very prospect of losing a phone password is a tiresome ordeal, which can wear your emotions to a great extent. Typing in an incorrect password is always followed suit by repeated strives at trying multiple passwords and combinations to open the phone device. This long process ultimately results in the contents of the device being unreachable warranting a whole lot of problems for the user. Even if you attempt to unlock Samsung by inserting another SIM, you will be faced with the dilemma where according to the contract your device is secured to the particular network on your phone for a fixed duration of time (What if your phone has an Invalid SIM Card?). In such a case, you will have to SIM network unlock PIN.

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However, all such phone lock issues also come with ready solutions. You can conveniently get access to your phone contents and unlock Samsung even in situations where your phone gets locked beyond your capacity. If you can personally relate to having such an experience with your Samsung device, then this column is a definite read for you! We have asked our experts for quick fixes to such Samsung problems and answers to such situations.

These solutions present themselves in the form of new software updates. One such example is the Dr.fone Toolkit – Android SIM Unlock software, which can help you to SIM network unlock PIN. It is the world’s first data retrieval software and is an excellent example of a phone recovery system.

It is firstly required for you to approach the problem carefully and systematically. Initially, you are required to find a system to know for sure that your phone device is locked to find real-time solutions to unlock Samsung smartphones.

Ways to know if your phone is genuinely locked

The SIM Network Unlock PIN feature is a PIN code, which you need to input so as to unlock Samsung device locked in by a particular carrier. The Smartphones are generally vented off on a binding contract to a network. These are mostly sold through networks at subsidized cost to lure in customers who usually pay the amount charged by the network. We have, however, provided you with solutions through which you can unlock the Samsung phone and utilize the device using your chosen network.
To confirm if your Smartphone device is genuinely locked, make sure to mirror the following steps carefully:

  • 1) Switch off your smartphone device
  • 2) Detach the SIM card inside the device.
  • 3) Put in a different activated SIM of any network.

After completing these previous three steps, your Smartphone may request you to:

  • (i)’Unlock code’ Or
  • (ii) Displays ‘SIM Network Unlock PIN’, which refers that the SIM card which you inserted is unaccepted and the phone would remain locked.

If this happens, just keep your calm as there are other viable solutions to unlock Samsung device. We can then move on to exploring the other three options of opening your phone mentioned above in their order of succession. The first method necessitates the prime SIM network unlock PIN program in the process of opening locks on Smartphones using the Dr.Fone toolkit – Android SIM Unlock software.

For iPhone users, please switch to how you can check if iPhone is unlocked. Also, find out the best solution for cellular network not available.

Option 1 – Using the dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock software to unlock Samsung Smartphone device

It barely takes less than ten minutes for the Dr.fone toolkit- Android SIM Unlock software to open the SIM on your locked Samsung phone, while simultaneously managing the loss of nil data and securing its safety. It can also perform LG Unlock easily for you. The Dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock software supports a variety of phone gadgets, which climb over four hundred. This includes but is not restricted to the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other such models like the Mega and the Ace3. Along with such a plethora of features, it also guarantees a higher success rate than other software along with offering a 24X7 support system.

The dr.Fone toolkit software is an easy five-step application occupying the least space on phones and does not eat up too much of the system’s resource system. It is easy to use the software, which does not need prior technical expertise and can be used by anyone to unlock Samsung phones completely through its intelligent interface.

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Ways of unlocking of Android SIM

Step 1: To SIM network unlock PIN, start by installing and launching the Dr.fone – Android SIM Unlock on your PC. Next tap on the ‘SIM Unlock‘ option.

Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android

Step 2: In the case of the Samsung S3 to S7 device users, it would need root access so that the SIM on your phone is unlocked. Link the Samsung Smartphone to the PC through a USB wire. When the Samsung phone is acknowledged by the Dr.fone software, you must tap on the Unlock option. Soon in a matter of minutes, the Samsung phone’s SIM will be unlocked effectively.

Step 3: In the case of the Samsung S2 to S4 and Galaxy Note 1 to Note 3 device users, it would not need root access to unlock the SIM on your phone. You could simply link your Samsung Smartphone to the PC through a USB wire. After the due time when the Smartphone is recognized, tap on the ‘Next’ option to proceed.

Step 4: After this, you can simply follow the steps on the Dr.fone Android SIM Unlock manual. You can set your phone in order of Service Mode< Diagnostic< USB Settings. Next, you must dial the numbers #9090#, *#0808#, or ##3424# via your Smartphone keypad. In any instance, at least one of the contacts or symbols would be effective for your purpose. Next, select on CDMA MODEM or DM + MODEM + ADB or UART [*]on your smartphone. You can click on the Unlock option after making sure that the Smartphone is set appropriately.

Step 5: After some minutes, your SIM on the Smartphone device would be automatically unlocked. After this, you are required to follow the directions all over again and choose the Normal Mode option as your phone setting in order to SIM network unlock PIN.

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Option 2 – Contact operator to unlock Samsung: SIM Network Unlock PIN

After matching all the conditions of the contract, you can now choose to utilize the SIM network unlock PIN offered free of cost by the operator. The conditions may involve the following:

  • 1) You will be required to use the carrier previously for a term period of three to six months, which ultimately differs from one carrier to another.
  • 2) You will be required to have paid in full for your smartphone.

It is noteworthy to remember that a few careers might ask you to pay a premature termination fee, in case your phone cost is fully paid off.

When you get the unlock code, the following steps are to be followed:

  • 1) Turn off your smartphone.
  • 2) Enter the SIM card of the alternative carrier.
  • 3) You can now restart your Smartphone.
  • 4) Upon restarting your phone, you will be asked to put in the unlock code. You are then required to put in the code given out by your carrier. However, if you enter a wrong code, you might get your device locked.

While following the above steps, it is to be remembered that you are within your new service center’s network range.

Option 3 – Unlock Samsung manually: SIM Network Unlock PIN

Prior to trying these manual options below, we would recommend you to contact the network provider. You can request for solutions along with respective recommendations. They would offer you the apt way in the case where you have paid off your Smartphone device in full along with using their free trial for at least three months.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to unlock Samsung Galaxy 3 and Note 2:

Step 1: Start by updating your Galaxy 3 or your Note 2 Device

Your device must run on the Android Jellybean 4.1.1. or older. To inspect your software version, visit ‘Settings’, go down, and hit on the ‘About Device’option and locate the Android version in which the device is run.

To update the device, click on ‘System Updates’ and the ‘Check for Updates’ options. The Smartphone device will automatically update your network. You can turn on the desired Wi-Fi network to update the device, as you did not receive connectivity on your new SIM.

Step 2: Open your Dialer.

When the dialer is open, you need to type in the code *#197328640#, which would unlock the service mode.

Step 3: Then select UMTS.

Your Smartphone will readily open the Service Mode menu after the code is entered. Then, you must choose [1] UMTS.

Step 4: Access the Debug menu.

From the UTMS menu, hit on [1] DEBUG SCREEN. From the Debug menu, hit on [8] PHONE CONTROL. Next, in the Phone Control options, hit on [6] NETWORK LOCK.

Step 5: Choose [3] Perso SHA256 Off.

Wait for thirty seconds after selecting this course. Click on the Menu option and choose Back. Select [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

Restart your device: You can again turn on your device after one minute, but this will not warn you about your device unlocking. Therefore, you will need to try out your device by putting in a different SIM carrier. You will know that your phone has been unlocked successfully when you no longer receive any prompt by ‘Unlock Pin’, and thus you have finally SIM network unlock PIN.

To unlock Samsung S4 device, these steps must be followed:

Step 1: Firstly, inspect your phone’s compatibility with the process.

This process is only for AT&T Galaxy S4s and T-Mobile devices and is indicated for stock phones. The process will not operate on customized ROMs or for the CDMA phones, Sprint, and Verizon S4’s.

Step 2: Unlock the Dialer.

Enter the code *#27663368378# when the dialer is open, which would unlock the service mode.

Step 3: Choose UMTS.

After entering the code, your phone will start to display the Service Mode menu. In this menu, choose [1] UMTS.

Step 4: The Debug menu is to be opened.

From the UTMS menu, hit on [1] DEBUG SCREEN. From the Debug menu, hit on [8] PHONE CONTROL. Finally from the Phone Control menu, hit on [6] NETWORK LOCK.

Step 5: Choose [3] Perso SHA256 Off

The text will be shown on the screen, after selecting this choice:
SHA256_OFF > SHA256_ON
Hit on the initial sentence, (SHA256_ENABLED_FLAG[1]). From now on, the menu will show:
Click on the Menu option and choose Back option.

Step 6: You must be sure that the alterations in the settings were retained.

The message from Step 5 will now change when you revert back:
SHA256_OFF > Not Change

Step 7: Revert back to UMTS menu

Select the ‘Back’ option four times to revisit UMTS main list after you press the menu button. Next, choose [6] COMMON and also hit on [6] NV REBUILD. The message below will be shown:
Golden-Backup exist
You can Restore Cal/NV

Step 8: Restoring the backup

From NV REBUILD list of options, hit on [4] Restore Back-up. Your smartphone will now start to reboot, and you can unlock Samsung. You can examine your phone by entering a different SIM card of a network carrier. You have successfully SIM network unlock PIN when you do not receive the ‘Unlock Pin’ cue.

For other models of Samsung except the Note 2, Galaxy 3, and the Samsung S4, the steps mentioned below are to be followed:

Step 1: Firstly, see that your Smartphone is switched off

Attach the fresh SIM card to the phone, to inspect if your device is locked. This is because devices sometimes arrive unlocked from the box.

Step 2: Your phone should be updated

To use this way, you must update your device to an Android 4.3 and older. Visit ‘Settings’ to examine software version on the phone and descend and hit on ‘About Device’ to get an Android version where your phone can run.

In order to bring your phone up to date, hit on ‘System Updates’ along with ‘Check for Updates’. The phone would update the net system. Now, turn on the desired Wi-Fi system to bring your device up to date, as there was no connection on your new SIM.

Step 3: See to it that it is a GSM device.

It is not possible to open a phone operating on the CDMA network. It is only the GSM network, which allows you to open your device.

Step 4: Unlock the Dialer.

To open the Service mode, the device SIM network unlock PIN will need to be entered. At the moment when the dialer opens, type *#197328640#.

Choose UMTS and open the menu for maintenance. In case you select the incorrect choice, you can revert by choosing the Menu button.

Choose the DEBUG SCREEN from where you can open the Debug menu.

Choose the PHONE CONTROL which will let you control the settings.

Choose the NETWORK LOCK from where you can access the checks on the SIM Lock task.

Choose the PERSO SHA256 OFF and stand by for thirty seconds. By clicking on the Menu button, you can revisit the NETWORK LOCK list.

Choose the NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALLIZ and stand by for a minute.

Restart your device: Start restarting your device after a minute. However, you will not get any notification about the completion of the process. You will know that you have successfully SIM network unlock PIN when you no longer receive any prompt by ‘Unlock Pin’.

After reading these well-investigated tips and tricks, you can easily attempt to unlock Samsung device & unlock Android device, without a sweat and the need to visit service centers.

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