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Spare lagringsplass med det beste systemet App fjerne

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Dette er en av de få tingene som iOS og Android-brukere har til felles-de både misliker at det er systemet apps de kan ’ t fjerne. Like viktig som noen av disse programmene er, de fleste av dem vil være ubrukt. Dette betyr at de ’ re tar opp plass og er vanligvis en ulempe å ha. Dessverre, det ’ er ikke mulig å fjerne de fleste Android-systemet programmer, og det er derfor vi må bruke en spesiell systemet app remover.

Del 1. Hvor å fjerne en System App?

Fjerne en system app er en vanskelig prosess. Det finnes flere tredjepartsløsninger (som System App Remover), men de fleste av dem krever å root din Android-enhet. Hvis du har System App Remover programmet installert på din smartphone, Her er noen av funksjonene.

  • Etter fjerner en system app, Du kan gjenopprette det fra papirkurven.
  • Fjern enheten ’ s cache for å forbedre ytelsen.
  • Visningsinformasjon om programmet system å sikre det kan trygt slettes.

Som vi sa ovenfor, you’ll need to root your Android device first. Rooting your device isn’t a difficult task, but it can be confusing. That’s why we are going to show you how to use Dr.Fone – Root and explain why it’s a good choice for this process.

Dr.Fone – Root

Dr.Fone Toolkit is a fantastic program to have on your computer. Aside from using it to root your Android device, it includes a wide range of features that are useful to all smartphone owners. When it comes to rooting, here are some of Dr.Fone’s relevant features:

  • Root an Android device with just one click.
  • Supports virtually any device with the Android system installed.
  • Sikker og enkel å bruke.
  • The very high success rate of rooting.

There are literally no risks of rooting an Android device by using Dr.Fone – Root. If you are interested in using the System App Remover, this is the first program that you’ll need to use.

Using Dr.Fone – Root to Root an Android Device

Whether you’re going to use a system app remover or you just want to root your smartphone, Følg guiden nedenfor.

Trinn #1 – Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer and from the main menu, Klikk på “Rot“.

Dataoverføre Dr. fone – Android rot

Trinn #2 – Connect your Android device using an appropriate USB cable. Upon connecting to Dr.Fone, you will be prompted to aktiverer “USB feilretting modus”, which needs to be enabled.

Trinn #3 -Klikk “Startto begin the rooting process. Your Android device will be scanned first in order to determine the most effective method for rooting it.

Trinn #4 – After the scan is finished, Klikk “Root nå” og trykk deretter “Bekrefteon your device.

Trinn #5 – Your smartphone will now be rooted. It’s important that during the root, you don’t disconnect the device for any reason as this will render the device unusable.

Rooting your Android device before using a system app remover isn’t difficult and, Heldigvis, Dr.Fone – Root can take care of the whole process for you.

Dataoverføre Dr. fone – Android rot

Del 2. Bruker System App Remover fjerne programmer

The next step is to install the System App Remover on your device. Med dette programmet, we are able to remove absolutely any application. Default system apps, third-party apps, bloatware, or infested applications – each of these can be removed by using this tool.

You can find System App Remover on the Google Play Store. After you’ve found it, install it on your device and follow our steps below.

Trinn #1 – Tap on the app remover and wait for it to load.

Trinn #2 – Press the menu icon and from the menu that is shown, Velg den “System App” alternativet.

Trinn #3 – A list of all the system applications which are currently installed will be shown. Swipe through the list and tap on each of the system apps that you want to remove from your device.

Trinn #4 – When you’ve selected all of the apps that you want to remove, Trykk på den “Avinstaller” nederst. Etter et par sekunder, they’ll be completely removed from your Android device.

By removing some of the unused system apps on your device, you can free up some storage space, improve the device’s performance, and get the most out of your Android.

Which Apps Can I Uninstall?

As great as the System App Remover tool is, it isn’t safe to remove all of the system apps. There are some apps that can be removed without any issues while removing others can cause your device to break. Videre, by uninstalling an app that shouldn’t be uninstalled, you may not be able to use some of the device’s features.

Safe to Remove

  • Google Talk
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search (or Google+)
  • Newsstand
  • Google spille-butikken
  • Preinstalled manufacturer apps (f.eks, Samsung apps)
  • Preinstalled carrier apps (f.eks, Verizon apps)

Unsafe to Remove

  • AccountAndSyncSettings.apk
  • Camera.apk
  • BadgeProvider.apk
  • DataCreate.apk
  • CallSetting.apk
  • CertInstaller.apk
  • Contacts.apk
  • ContactsProvider.apk
  • BluetoothServices.apk
  • BluetoothOPP.apk
  • GooglePartnerSetup.apk
  • PhoneERRService.apk
  • Wssomacp.apk

Som vi sa ovenfor, removing any of these APK files will cause problems with your device. For eksempel, if you remove the appCamera.apk”, you won’t be able to use the device’s camera.

One app which is safe to remove, but which we don’t recommend uninstalling, is the Google Play Store. If you use a system app remover to delete the Google Play Store, you won’t be able to download any more applications on your device. Bortsett fra det, using a remover tool means that you can speed up your device and remove those irritating apps that you don’t need.

Del 3. Alternativer til System App Remover

If the detailed process that we explained above isn’t for you, ikke bekymre deg. There are a few other options that you can try out. It’s unfortunate that Android’s built-in uninstaller has yet to support uninstalling system apps, especially considering that iPhones are now capable of doing so. Likevel, we’re lucky enough to have a community of developers who have created these alternative options.

Nå, as great as the System App Remover is, it isn’t an ideal solution for removing system applications. It requires you to root your device and use multiple tools. Så, if you want to use a more effective solution, try one of the other apps that we’re going to discuss below.

#1 – Dr.fone-Android slette

At the top of our list, without a shadow of a doubt, er Dr.fone-Android Data viskelær. This tool has been designed specifically for permanently erasing data from Android devices and can be used for lots of different situations.

Perhaps you’re selling your old phone, donating it to a charity, or you just want to speed it up. Whatever your reason for permanently erasing data, dr.fone is the program for you. Some of the features that make this program stand out are:

  • Capable of deleting any type of data from your device, som deleting email accounts on Android.
  • None of your personal data is collected or stored by dr.fone.
  • Kompatibel med alle Android-enheter.
  • After using this best Android data remover programmet, it isn’t possible for any of the deleted data to be recovered.
  • Easy to use regardless of how tech-savvy you are.

Så, even if you’re just interested in enhancing your device’s performance, check out dr.fone – Android Data Eraser. With thousands of existing users who can vouch for it, you simply can’t go wrong.

Dataoverføre Dr. fone – Android slette

#2 – Easy Uninstaller

This uninstaller app works differently to iSkysoft Toolbox. While the process remains simple and the app is easy to use, you’re able to delete data selectively. What this means is that if you aren’t looking for a system app remover but instead you’re interested in a general data management app, Easy Uninstaller is worth considering.

Med dette programmet, you’re able to sort through your files at ease. La ’ s si du ’ re interessert i å fjerne programmer som du ’ t bruk fjerne plass. I dette tilfellet, Du kan sortere filene etter størrelse og velge de som fyller flest lagring. På toppen av det, Det kan også brukes til å fjerne unødvendige søppel filer og holde orden på enheten ’ s lagring.

  • Selektivt avinstallere forhåndsinstallert eller tredjeparts programmer fra enheten.
  • Fjerne søppel filer som har blitt forlatt av avinstallert programmer eller oppdaterer din Android-versjon.
  • Track how much storage an app is using as well as each app’s battery usage.
  • Discover which applications are filling the most storage space on your device.

This isn’t your straightforward system app remover. Som du kan se, there are a few unique features which can be used to get the most out of your Android device. One downside which we’ve found with the Easy Uninstaller app is that over time if you have this app running in the background, your battery will drain noticeably faster. Derfor, using iSkysoft Toolbox – Android Data Eraser is worth checking out instead.

#3 – Uninstaller

Another app that we can use as a system app remover is Uninstaller. In all honesty, there isn’t anything special about this Android app. It is very simple and can be used to see all of the applications that you have installed, the storage consumption of each app, and which apps are using the most storage.

While the app doesn’t have any advanced features, it is very easy to use and allows you to uninstall apps in bulk. Here are some of the benefits of using Uninstaller.

  • Free to everyone and easy to use.
  • One of the most popular and well-known apps out there.
  • Minimalistic interface making it easy to navigate.
  • Several sorting features so that you can find specific apps.

There aren’t many things to complain about with the Uninstaller app. It’s simple, enkel å bruke, and you can manage all of your apps from one place. Som blir sagt, you aren’t able to recover data, removing a lot of apps could take a while, and there isn’t a lot of information shown about your device’s storage capacity. Likevel, this is a fantastic app to use.

Å konkludere

We’ve covered a lot of different topics in this article. Not only did we explain how to use the System App Remover effektivt, but we introduced you to dr.fone – Root and how it can be used to get the most out of your Android device by rooting it. Så, if you want to use a system app remover to take back control of your device, there are plenty of solutions available. Our recommendation would be to use Dr.fone-Slett (Android) men, failing that, the others are just as effective.

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