November 27, 2016

How to Easily Recover Lost Data from SD Card

An SD card is a very small storage medium, which helps to enhance the storage of your phone or any other device. You can use an SD card with phones, cameras, computers , and many more gadgets. An SD card may be internal to fit into a device or it may be external to attach to a larger storage gadget. You can also use an SD card for transferring data from one device to the other.
November 27, 2016

WhatsApp Backup Extractor: How to Read WhatsApp Conversations on Computer

WhatsApp is such fun to use along with the convenience of connectivity it gives. However, some of us are not contended with using WhatsApp on our phone, we want to have all those chats on our computer screens when we are working so that we do not have to open our phone every time we receive a message. It sounds strange, but it is possible to extract the backup of your WhatsApp account so that you can read the messages on your PC. You may even require to take a glance at your archived messages, which consist of crucial information that you need. Or you may just want to re-read the old messages with your friends or beloved. Whatever the grounds are, extracting WhatsApp messages was never so easy before; now you can just extract the backup of your WhatsApp application. This article mentions all the details you need to know about the entire process of extraction.
June 30, 2016

What is The Best Alternative to Tenorshare Android Recovery

Are you looking for an alternative to Tenorshare Android Recovery software? Then, you are at the right place, as here you will get all your answers regarding the best Tenorshare Android Recovery alternative with Wondershare's Dr.Fone for Android software.
April 27, 2016

Top 5 Data Recovery for Android Smartphones

Losing all your data can be difficult, but we’ve got you covered! These 5 easy data recovery tools for Android specifically designed to find deleted files on your Android system and offering you the functionality recovering it with the help of a single click. Let’s get the job done without breaking a sweat.
November 14, 2015

Recycle Bin for Android: Recover Android Deleted Files

The Android phones, just like the computers, are vulnerable to the virus attack and easy to go crash. That is why we need to know the way to recover the data files from the Android phones. On the Internet, there are lots of third party tool which can help you fulfill your goal. While not all of them are suitable for your Android phone, and do the best job. In this case, this article will show you some of the most popular tools according to the users online, and make a comparison between those tools below.
July 19, 2015

A Simple Way to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung S6 Edge, S7 Edge

Photos are truly important which carry our memorable every day. Nowadays, almost everybody has a mobile phone, so it becomes increasingly convenient to take photos whenever we want. But the problem is that the photos saved on the phone are not safe enough. Accident can happen unexpectedly. The virus attacks and the phone corruption can make our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone totally crash, and then the photos on the phone may disappear too.
July 19, 2015

How to Recover Videos on Android Phones with Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android

What would you do if you accidentally remove all the videos on your Android phone? It is too troublesome to download all of them all over again. So I prefer to recover them with the professional Android Video Recovery tool - Dr.Fone for Android. Do you know how to do it? Just follow this article.
July 19, 2015

How to Recover Contacts on Android by Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android with Ease

The smart phone is getting more and more important for people nowadays. And there are many men say that they can not leave the phone for one day or just a few hours. It is true that the smart phones make it easier to communicate with our friends and people in business. And the most popular operation systems are Android and iOS, which are not compatible with each other. The Android phones, for instance, is an easy and effective operation system so the user group of it is very large. It gives people convenience in managing their phone and protecting information safety.