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为什么需要从 Android 传输照片到 Mac?

如今, 各种手机提供了巨大的空间容量来存储数据. 保持手机的应用程序不断更新是很重要的, 你需要空间来达到这个目的. 你可能要删除你的手机的一些内容. 各种手机都有足够的空间, 但有时用户可能会面临无意的损坏或撞车, 并由于这, 你可以失去你的手机的所有重要数据. 这种情况在某个时候发生在每个人身上.

很明显, 你不希望这种情况发生在你身上 ". 在今天的世界, 以前人们有一个巨大的专辑收藏他们的图片的时间已经消失. 现在, 人们点击他们的手机上的照片’ 高品质的相机, 而不是像以前一样的手动相机. 没有这样的事情保存这些图片在专辑. 在今天的现代, 这已经成为一种老式的东西了. 如果你突然从你的画廊里弄丢了这些照片呢?? 你的记忆之旅会变成什么样子??

你不想失去你在照片中捕捉到的珍贵记忆, 几秒钟后就会呼啸而去. 所以, 它变得至关重要, 以保持备份您的数据上的其他资源, 以及. 在遇到任何麻烦之前, 最好保证您的数据安全. 你应该 将照片从 Android 传输到 Mac 为你自己的利益. 执行转移过程可能会让人厌烦. 你知道吗, 现在你可以用很多方法来完成这个麻烦的任务了. 这里, 你会有很多选择.

下面给出了四种方法, 可以帮助您执行这项繁忙的任务, 将数据从 Android 传输到 Mac. Make use of these below-mentioned ways to secure your data against any harm.

返回页首 1 方法: Transfer Photos from Android to Mac in 1-Click via dr.fone – Android Transfer

This application allows you to transfer pictures from Android to Mac in just one click. It is a user-friendly application that is recommended by many for the transferring purpose. It is a powerful software and very easy and efficient to use. This app helps you to transfer data such as pictures from your Android devices to Mac in a few simple yet easy steps.

It is compatible with all devices of Android like 摩托罗拉, 华为, LG, 三星, 索尼, HTC, 中兴通讯, 等.

的独特功能 fone 博士– Android 传输:

去找 fone 医生 – 转让 (安卓系统)

You can import or export the data from Android to Mac through just a few clicks. You can create a backup of your valuable data on your computer through transferring it on your computer system. The steps to do this are:

步骤 1: Launch and connect the device

首先, 您需要下载应用程序, fone 博士-转让 (安卓系统) on your computer and then launch the program. Then secondly, connect your device to the system through a USB cable, which you want the data to be transferred from.

步骤 2: click on the ‘Transfer’ 选项卡

After your device would get recognized by the software, you need to click on the transfer option available for transferring the photos of your device to Mac. 在 ‘转让‘ 选项卡, you will be offered three options such as the transfer from device media to iTunes, iTunes to the device and then, your device photos to Mac. By using the third one, you will be just one click away from the act of transfer photos from Android to Mac.

You can even transfer the selected 照片 using the 华为转让 工具 (fone 博士– Android 传输). 为此, you have to go to the tab, click the preview, and make a selection. 单击按钮 ‘Export to Macin order to save that selected pictures on your computer.

方法 2: Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Using Online Storage Service

Apart from many applications, Android users can also transfer the data from their devices to Mac through various online storage services like Dropbox or Google Photos. Apart from these two online services, you would find plenty of them online, but there are high chances that they would not work efficiently. In order to transfer photos from Android to Mac, choose the following storage services as these two would not require a USB cable. 在种情况下, you do not have a cable with you; you can make use of these two online services.

一个) Dropbox

It is a free online service that helps you to transfer photos from Android to Mac very easily. It is the best out of all cloud services, which comes with many inbuilt applications. You can store up to 2 GB of data in your Dropbox free account. You can use applications of Dropbox with the same account of yours.

Once you install this application on your device, your pictures will get saved to your Dropbox account. 然后, these pictures will get saved automatically on Mac, and you can easily access them from your computer.

To transfer photos from Android to Mac has become much easier with this online service. It helps you in an instant transfer of data no matter it is photos or videos.

b) Google Photos

This cloud storage service lets you transfer photos from Android to Mac in a simple way. This application comes as pre-installed in almost most of the devices of Android as Android is the operating system of Google itself. This application is of gallery-type that comes with more advanced features like editing, back-up, 等.

You will have all these features at just one place in this online storage app. It offers an option to create a backup of your each and every picture. It will automatically save a picture with a resolution of 16 megapixels or smaller than that for free, but one can also upload the higher resolution pictures. When the automatic backup feature is switched on, the Android users can free up the same any time. 所以, this online storage service offers all the tools in just app that makes it an essential app to keep hold onto.

方法 3: Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Using AirDroid

It is also one of the amazing tools that help you to transfer pictures from Android to Mac. It offers to do all this wirelessly, which is its important feature. You can transfer data such as videos, 铃声, 音乐, and much more with the help of any web browser. It even manages your files on the device. It helps you to track your Android device. 在案件, it gets lost or stolen using its feature of tracking and monitoring the device.

Unique features of AirDroid:

  • There is no need of USB cable.
  • There is no limit on file transfer that allows you to transfer even larger files.

Drawbacks of AirDroid:

  • It uses the internet connection and therefore, faster the speed, faster will be transferring mechanism.
  • You need to have the same Wi-Fi connection on the Android device as well as on Mac.
  • It is available for only Android devices.
  • You might not be able to load content sometimes.

方法 4: Transfer Photos from Android to Mac Using Android File Transfer

The Android users can also transfer photos from Android to Mac using this feature known as Android File Transfer. This feature is commonly available on all the Android devices, and one can make use of this feature in order to transfer the content to Mac.

这样做, you just need to follow some quick and simple steps that would ensure secure data transfer. The steps for performing this task are as follows:

步骤 1: Connect your device to Mac

首先, you need to connect your device to your computer system through a USB cable. 然后, you have to open the folder ‘Android File Transfer’.

步骤 2: Open the folder

现在, you have to open the folder, DCIM and then go to another folder, 相机.

步骤 3: Make a selection

You have to select the pictures, which you want to transfer to Mac. 为此, you have to drag these selected photos to any folder on your system. 以这种方式, you would have a copy of all the pictures and videos on the computer.

This feature might able to get your pictures copied on your Mac, but it would not enable you to transfer other things like contacts, 消息, or so.

All the methods to transfer pictures from Android to Mac are quite reliable. You can perform the cumbersome task of transferring data on to your Mac through these above-mentioned options in an easier way. These options would secure your pictures from any accidental loss or damage. The task of saving them onto your Mac would reduce the risk of losing your precious clicks.

Out of all the four services, the most reliable one is fone 博士– Android 传输 that helps you to not only transfer pictures but also your 短信, 联系人, 音乐文件, 还有更多. It would be better to choose this for higher security and safety of your data.

试试 dr. fone – 转让 (安卓系统)




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