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Hoe te splitsen, Knip en trim MP4 video clips

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We hebben de neiging om verschillende Video's opgeslagen in onze computer of draagbare opslagapparaten om verschillende redenen. Echter, in de meeste gevallen, we don’t need those videos in their entire lengths. Met andere woorden, most of the videos saved might have unwanted (or not too useful) parts. Bijvoorbeeld, assume that you have a 4-hour tutorial and you only need the last 45 minutes of it. If the respective video is saved in the form of HD, it might take up a considerable amount of space. When the number of videos add together, your hard disksspace will start to run out. Dus, it is a matter of deciding whether you need to have those full-length videos or not. In dat geval, you should find a way to cut, Split, or trim the respective video file. That is exactly when you will need the assistance of software that can trim MP4 video 's.

Andere dan dat., you might need to trim MP4 videos to create various videos for different purposes. It might be for recreational purposes, onderwijs, entertainment, or anything else. In een notendop, we don’t need the entire length of the video in many cases. In dit artikel, we will explain how to trim MP4 file using the professional tool called Wondershare Filmora.

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Deel 1: How to use Wondershare Filmora to trim MP4 video clips

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best tools that can trim MP4 videos precisely and conveniently. Wondershare Filmora comes with plenty of features and tools to make video editing a very convenient task. Thanks to the user-friendliness of this convenient software, it can be used even by a novice user very easily. Mentioned below are some of the key features associated with this tool.

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  • Exceptionally convenient user-interface that makes video editing incredibly easy.
  • It allows you to trim MP4 with the one-click operation.
  • Filmora doesn’t cause any quality loss when trimming videos.
  • It can also increase the quality of the videos without any hassle, even if you are a beginner.
  • Can add various effects, intros, credits, overgangen, filters etc.
  • Filmora can save videos into various different formats to match your requirements precisely.
  • It can burn output videos into DVDs directly or upload to video sharing websites straightaway.
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Wondershare Filmora krijgen

Now that you know the features of this software. Let’s learn how to use it and trim MP4.

01. Import the video into Filmora

The first thing you should do is to import the respective video into Filmora interface. Om dit gedaan te krijgen, you should go to ‘Importeren’ option and load MP4 file from the computer. Zoniet, you can simply use the drag-and-drop method to get the files imported easily. After importing the file into the interface using either of those methods, drag and drop it on the timeline.

02. Trim MP4 file you have imported

Trimming the MP4 file can be done using two different methods based on your requirement.

To trim from the beginning or from ending of the video

Move the mouse pointer over either of the edges of the MP4 file’s timeline. Vervolgens, you will see a ‘double arrow’ is appearing. Drag that arrow to match the length you need of the video.

Split MP4 file into multiple portions

Om dit te doen, you should play the MP4 video and drag the slider towards the location you want. Vervolgens, you should click on ‘Pauze.’ Choose the option called ‘Split.’ Nu, your video will be split into two. Repeat the same process to get the wanted part of your video. Vervolgens, you can delete the unwanted parts of it.

  • In case if you have multiple MP4 clips to trim, you should handle them one by one.

Export the final product

After trimming is completed, you will have to click on the ‘Maken‘ knop. This option will open the ‘Output‘ venster. In dit venster, you can choose the output format as MP4 itself or any other format you prefer. Bijvoorbeeld, you can choose formats like WMV, VOB, FLV, MKV, WMV, enz. If you need to share the video on YouTube, Filmora allows you to do so. Naast die, it also allows you to burn MP4 videos into DVD and preserve them. The best thing is that all those options come with an easy-to-access approach for your convenience.

Once you are done with the process, you can simply click on the button labeled ‘Maken.’

Try Wondershare Filmora

Deel 2: How to trim MP4 files using an online method

If you don’t want to use installable software like Wondershare Filmora, you may consider an online method. This is called Wondershare Filmora Free Online Video Trimmer. Met deze optie, you will be able to edit videos without downloading anything on your computer. Although it is an internet-dependent method, it still can do a decent job for you. Volgens deze methode, you can upload the video from computer or drag and drop the video link. There are two specific methods to consider when it comes to trimming a video through this online method. You can either use the slider to define the duration or input specific start and end times. Naast die, the online method we introduce is compatible with various file formats. Bijvoorbeeld, it works with MP4, MPEG, WEMB, FLV, MOV, enz. The best thing is that it doesn’t apply any watermarks on the output file. Dus, Aangezien wij geloven, it is totally worth trying this method.

01. Import the video you intend to trim

You should visit the official website of this video trimmer as the first step. You can use this link to go to Filmora Free Online Video Trimmer. Vervolgens, you will see a clear interface that shows a large button to import the video. You can either click on that button and browse for the video you intend to trim. Zoniet, you can enter the URL of your video to get the video imported.

02. Start trimming the video

Met deze methode, you will be able to drag the slider and trim the specific part. Zoniet, you can define the start and end of the video. You can choose whatever method that suits your preference. After getting the part specified, you should click on ‘Gedaanwhich is located towards the bottom of the screen. The default format of the video is MP4.

03. Download the video

Nu, you can download the video which you have trimmed. Once the video is downloaded, you will be able to share it on any social media platform you prefer.

Deel 3: Trim MP4 Video using VLC

Most of the individuals treat VLC solely as a media player. Echter, it can also be used as a handy video editor. Eigenlijk, VLC is a decent editor specifically for minor edits you intend to do. Bijvoorbeeld, it can trim MP4 files easily without needing to download any other software. Although the functionalities are limited compared to Filmora, VLC is a good option in general.

VLC comes with a simplified interface and also it supports multiple platforms as well. The best thing about VLC is that it is entirely free. In the following steps, we explain how to trim MP4 videos using the VLC media player.

01. Go to ‘Advanced Controls’

Eerste, you should launch the VLC player and import the respective video in. Vervolgens, click on the ‘Weergavemenu and select ‘Advanced Controls.’ Als gevolg daarvan, you will see recording settings towards the bottom of the screen.

02. Trim the video

You will see a red circle and pressing it will start the recording. Play the video at the same time. It should be done to the starting frame of the clip you intend to edit. Indien nodig, you can record the video in frame-by-frame mode to be more precise. Once it gets to the ending frame, click on the red circle, so it ends the trimming process.

03. View the output

In het algemeen, the output video (which is trimmed) can be found in C:\Users\Username\Videos. Thats it!

Dus, that’s how to trim MP4 videos using three different methods. You can read the contents carefully and choose the most appropriate one that addresses your situation correctly. Niettemin, met behulp van Wondershare Filmora will give you various other editing options instead of just trimming a video.

Wondershare Filmora krijgen

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