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如何修复"无法激活此 iPhone 上的触摸 ID"’

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在 X 系列之前拥有 iPhone 型号的人知道触摸 ID 有多重要. iPhone 用户使用此触摸 ID 来解锁其 iOS 设备, 进行付款, 验证, 和更多. 有时, 其中一个是 unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone. If you come across this error, 没什么好担心的.

这里, we will tell you about various ways to resolve the error ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone.’ 所以, let’s know about these amazing methods to get rid of this annoying problem.

PS: 这里, 您将了解有关如何 绕过 iPad 密码 without restoring, 如何 reset iPhone without passcode and computer, 以及 can my iPhone be hacked?

方法 1: The best solution to resolve ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone

If users have not replaced their touch sensor ever, the touch ID error could never arise due to hardware problems. 因此, you are unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone because of some software issue. 在这种情况下, you require an iOS repair application to resolve the error. iMyFone Fixppo is the best application to fix the ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone’ 错误.

Unique characteristics of iMyFone Fixppo:

  • iMyFone Fixppo employs advanced technology to resolve iOS-related errors.
  • While resolving the iOS error, there will be no data loss.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and brings out positive results.
  • The application supports every iOS version, 包括 iOS 11/12/13.
  • iMyFone Fixppo does not just fix the Touch ID problems but even resolves serious issues like iPhone stuck, 黑屏, 等.

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Steps to fix ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone’:

With the help of iMyFone Fixppo, you can easily reinstall the iOS system entirely to resolve the error ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone.’ 所以, go through the instructions listed below.

步骤 1: 启动程序

放在首位, you have to download and launch the applicationiMyFone Fixppo‘. 从那里, select the mode ‘Standard. 下一个, connect your device to your system and tap on下一个.’

步骤 2: Download firmware

在那之后, 你有到 download firmware from the list given by the program. Choose the most suitable option and hit the tab下载.’

步骤 3: Tap on ‘Start

After the completion of the downloading process, the program will begin to fix the error ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone.’ 为此, you have to click the button开始.’ 因此, the issue with the touch ID will be fixed in no time.


方法 2: Switch on Touch ID from the phone settings

If you have come across the ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhoneerror after restoring or updating the iOS, you need to activate your touch ID using the phone settings. It is very easy to perform this task. Go through the following instructions carefully!

  • 步骤 1: 开放 iPhone Settings and look for theTouch ID and Passcode‘ 选项.
  • 步骤 2: Put in your password whenever a prompt appears.
  • 步骤 3: 下一个, you need to adjoin a fingerprint after tapping on theAdd a Fingerprint‘ 选项.
  • 步骤 4: At the appointed area, you can adjoin your fingerprint. Ensure to wipe and clean your finger before you punch in the fingerprint.
  • 步骤 5: Make sure to keep the finger in three or two directions to evade irrelevant problems further.
  • 步骤 6: Turn off and on your device and see if the fingerprint works now.

方法 3: Try to delete and reset your touch ID to fix unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone

If the error ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhonestill persists, employ this solution to resolve the error. 在此方法中, you need to reset the touch ID to beat this situation.

Steps to resolve ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone’:

In order to fix this frustrating problem, you need to delete and reset the touch ID on your iOS device. You can do so in the following way. 所以, let’s have a look at the instructions below!

  • 步骤 1: Tap on the icon设置‘ 在设备上.
  • 步骤 2: 选择选项 ‘触摸标识 & 密码‘ 从菜单中. 从那里, look for the concerned screen for the touch ID to reset it.
  • 步骤 3: 下一个, put in the password to proceed further and watch your fingerprints.
  • 步骤 4: Slide off to erase the fingerprints.
  • 步骤 5: 在那之后, you need to put in the password.
  • 步骤 6: Insert the password and verify the removal process.
  • 步骤 7: 现在, you are all set to reset the touch ID on your mobile device hassle-free. 因此, the error ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhonewill be fixed.

方法 4: Reboot the device to fix unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone

This is another method to fix the error ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone.It will help to unlock the touch ID without any trouble. 为此, follow the steps as listed below. The steps for rebooting the device are different on different iPhone models. 所以, check your model and follow the instructions accordingly.

In iPhone 5s/6/6s or 6 Plus/6

  • 步骤 1: Press-hold the sleep tab and home tab together. You will notice the messagepower offon display. Keep pressing the tabs even when the black screen comes up.
  • 步骤 2: 下一个, an Apple logo will flash on your mobile screen. Once it appears, release all the tabs.

In iPhone 7 加上/7

  • 步骤 1: Press-hold the sleep tab and the volume down key.
  • 步骤 2: Once the Apple sign appears, you need to release both the tabs.

In iPhone 8 Plus/X series

  • Press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys together. Keep on pressing the side tab until the Apple sign shows on the screen. 所以, this will reboot your system, and the touch ID problems may vanish when the device restarts.

方法 5: Reset all the phone settings to fix unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone

If you are unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone, it could be due to some changes in the phone settings. 有时, some settings could have changed without your knowledge. In order to resolve the issue, you can try resetting the settings on your iPhone. 为此, open ‘Settingson your device and tap on ‘General.’ 在那之后, look for the option ‘Reset’ 然后, click ‘Reset All Settings.’ 最后, put in your password to verify the action.

方法 6: Restore factory settings on the device with iTunes

One can fix the issue ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhonewith this method. 这里, you have to restore the factory settings on your device. 若要执行此操作, you can even either Tunes or Settings.

1. Restore factory settings through Settings

The instructions for performing this task are similar to those used for resetting the settings above. To restore factory settings, you need to tap on the icon ‘Settings’ 然后, select the option ‘General.’ 从那里, look for the tab ‘Reset’ 并点击它. Under the tab ‘Reset,’ you will find the option ‘Erase All Content and Settings.

曾经做过, enter your passcode in the next window and confirm your action by clicking on ‘Erase iPhone.Clicking on this option will restore all the settings back to the default. 除了这, 设备上的所有数据将被擦除.

2. 通过 iTunes 恢复出厂设置

  • 步骤 1: 最初, 您需要将手机连接到系统. 在此之后, 在您的系统上运行 iTunes.
  • 步骤 2: 放入密码,如果要求这样做,请信任系统.
  • 步骤 3: 从 iTunes 显示屏上的列出的选项中选择您的 iPhone.
  • 步骤 4: 最后, 点击"#8216"选项卡;恢复 iPhone’ 然后, 选择 "#8216;还原’ 在验证显示屏上.

曾经做过, 工厂设置将在智能手机上自动触发.

现在, 你知道所有你必须做什么,如果你被卡住 ‘unable to activate Touch ID on this iPhone.’ All of these methods are quick effective in fixing this annoying error. Out of all options, we suggest you go with iMyFone Fixppo. This application resolves the issue effectively and hassle-free. 所以, download the application and resolve the issue.





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