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維米奧到MP3: 如何下載維米奧視頻到MP3由維米奧下載器

維米奧下載: 從Vimeo.com獲得免費音樂, download Vimeo videos to MP3 format easily by Vimeo to MP3 Downloader. 請仔細閱讀本文,瞭解如何直接從 Vimeo 下載適用于您的 iPhone 的音訊 5/ iPad Mini/ iPod Touch.

When you find some gorgeous songs on, do you want to download them for more conveniently offline enjoyment? Lots of media companies offered music or music videos on Vimeo so that it is always the best source for good music and videos. But downloading service in is unavailable because you can only find and listen these songs online. If you want to enjoy Vimeo music offline, you need professional Vimeo downloader to download Vimeo to Mp3 to your local folder.

This article is written to introduce, a powerful and comprehensive Vimeo to MP3 Downloader app, Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder which is a one-stop solution to Vimeo music downloading, music transferring to iTunes and even ringtone making for phones (iPhone 7 / 7 Plus included). And it could download audio from Vimeo completely and record Vimeo music in 1:1 品質. Please follow the tutorial steps to download Vimeo to MP3 format directly.

Get Streaming Audio Recorder

一步 1: 安裝 & launch Vimeo DownloaderWondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Click on the above mentioned免費下載link to get the Vimeo to Mp3 app installation package. After it downloaded, you can click the setup file to have it installed. You should tickLaunch Streaming Audio Recorder right nowor click the desktop icon during the process of installation to run the Vimeo Music Downloader.

一步 2: 維米奧下載: Download audio from Vimeo

Please click the記錄button first and then access to the songs to ensure that you can get a completed song. Then you can go to to find and play the favorite songs you’re going to record. It is amazing that you can see that the Vimeo Music Downloader begin to record song for you once you play the song. When it finishes recording, it could automatically stop and a prompt is going to tell you if a song is successfully downloaded. 按一下 “記錄” 再一次, the recording will be stopped. The artist, album name and cover are automatically tagged with the recorded music for easy management during the recording process.

一步 3: Transfer Downloaded Vimeo music to iTunes(可選)

The output music is in MP3 format by default and M4A is also selectable in the settings. You can select these songs and with one single click to add them to iTunes if you need to transfer these Vimeo music to your iPod or iPhone for playback.

一步 4: Ringtone making(可選) by Vimeo to MP3 Downloader

Please select your favorite song in the Library and then click the ringtone icon. You can see the audio wave at the bottom of the interface. Now simply dragging the gray area back and forth to decide the part of music you need for your ringtone. You can preview it whether it’s your favorite one. 如果是的, save it to be your masterpiece.

很好 維米奧到MP3 downloader tool and easy method, 不是 ’ t 它? Get the Vimeo DownloaderWondershare Streaming Audio Recorder and enjoy more wonderful music from Vimeo right now! 為 Mac 使用者, 請參閱 Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac to download audio from Vimeo for you.

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